Gamer’s Video Update Jan 3, 2008

Topics Include:

No MGS4 coming to Xbox 360
Sony considers offering PSN subscriptions
Far Cry 2 confirmed for Xbox360 and PS3
Apple set to ship Macs with Blu-Ray functionality
Rumor: Midway to Merge with Eidos
2.5″ Hard Drives Hit 500GB, set to release in February 2008
Toys “R” Us offering Wii Bundles priced at $700 (No 1st Party titles included)
Boy gets revenge and Wees on his brothers Wii
And Steve519 gets a very special gamer spotlight

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  • Night

    wow… I apologize sir.
    Not only did you throw the paper but you wadded it up first!
    Great GVU as always Steve.
    I think MGS4 will be why a people who do not have one, get one.
    When I worked at ToysRus this holiday season we would have lines of 50+ people every monday morning for the Wii, and we usually only got 25-30. Those people are crazy serious about getting that thing for their kids. That and the first ten people were usually scalpers. I thought it was funny on a smoke break at 4am we as the line of people if any of them were buying it to play them selves, and NOT ONE was purchasing it for them selves.

  • All that kid with the wet Wii has to do is call Nintendo, the best customer service around, tell um the wii mote hit a glass cup filled with water and it landed on the Wii. Nice video, your dog wants to get on the mic as well.

  • MrCarpalTunnel

    Nice GVU. Congrats on the Spotlight. However whats up with this:

    TriXie: Tell us about Platform Nation!

    Steve519: Platform Nation is my baby. we are a community, not a network.

    Isn’t PN a collective effort. How about a little mention of others who aided in it’s fruition? If it’s your baby then I’m the Father. And it was kinda an Orgy at conception: Rusty, TOG were also involved. However I guess you didn’t want any shadows in your SPOTLIGHT.

    If I sound bitter I want you to know I’m not. I just want all those who worked hard to create the evolution of this community to get noticed. Thats why I left Podcasting the whole “ME” thing really seperates the community more than it binds it.

    So just like in the past when you critiqued my shows; consider this a turn-around. and now I’m on the other side.

    Still a fan of the idea that a Community Matters-Carpal

  • MrCarpalTunnel

    So for years Steve519 commented on our show. Told us what TOG and I had done wrong with our cast. We always took his opinion into consideration. So much so we asked him if he would like to join the site.

    Fast forward to now. I post a reply about the way he left out mentioning on his “SPOTLIGHT” that others were involved and aided him in being where he is today, and he says I’ve pissed him off. He even went so far as to post on a public service “TWITTER” how he feels about me. How nice.

    Well fine. I’m 100% done with commenting or contributing. It seems that if you have an honest opinion you need to keep it to yourself. All I did was say the truth. PLATFORM NATION was not conceived by one person and it would be refreshing to see someone actually do something for the community.

    So in response to your TWITTER comment Steve: I hope you are done with me, because I’m totally through with this!

  • ha, Carpal your a funny guy. Thanks for leaving your community high and dry. Thanks for showing your true colors, you got absolutely pissed when MS flew Gui J out to Seattle for the H3 event and you are getting absolutely pissed that MS did a spotlight on myself. Sucks you can’t just be happy with it, sucks you can’t see it as a way to help spread the word to help boost PN. But I forgot, your above that.

  • MrCarpalTunnel

    BITE ME steve, you know that your doing exactically what you said you hated about everyone at GamerSCore and GCN for. Now since I make a comment about how youve SOLD OUT your going to try to fight with me? THATS AWSOME!

  • So Steve creates a community of friends, tells MS that PN is a great community with awesome people who just like to hang out and play games. He brings more podcasts into the community, and he is a sell out, i just dont see what you’re talking about carpal, it makes no sense.

    I understand you left xblradio for certain reasons, but dont say that nobody contributes or does anything for this community,because i still give alot to xblradio every week, as well as platform nation, and so does every other member of this community. This community wouldnt be anything if everyone here did not make a collaborative effort to keep it going, the people and the players matter. And if an interview with MS helps promote this site and everything that goes into it every week, i see nothing wrong with that.

    And BTW, if you listen to episodes of TGP that Steve does, he is always talking about how great this community is, and all the great people who help make this sie what it is everyday. And he did make it, so technically it is his baby, since it was his idea in the first place, and he says we are a community not a network, which should tell you how he really feels about this site.

    Enough of my ramblings, im done. If this is the decision you are making, then thats fine, do what you have to do, and leave.

  • MrCarpalTunnel

    READ my first post. It was nothing negativ towards PN or any of the shows. But then STEVE felt the need to go on TWITTER and tell everyone what an ass I am. Then he says how everyone at MS hates me. SO I get very defensive (I admit it) but all I did was stae how I felt after reading the TRIXIE SPOTLIGHT and hearing his GVU.

    Your only hearing half the issue. But it’s cool I’ll back down and state that yes, I have handled several things in an abrasive manner (it usually happened due to certain stupid things) However all I did was comment as a listener, guess your not suppose to do that?