Fight Night Round 3 (360) TQ Review

TQ is strait to the point, so I’m not going to spend hours writing this
review. I’m going to cover the pros and cons, a conclusion and give it
TQ review.

Fight Night Round 3 (360) was released on 02/21/06 , but I just recently started playing this game. The game is so 06 that it became a platinum hit and the price is only $29.99.

For being an 06 game, the graphics are up to par for today’s


Career Mode
(paced career, fights and training) You start as a young
boxer with a weight class of your desire and move your
self up by training, winning fights, and being quick on the
analog sticks. By the time you retire you could be really
Although I would of liked the entrance to the ring a bit
better, the presentation overall is on point. (highlight) On the career menu, their is a screen that hypes up the upcoming fights and informs you who is looking to fight you.
Great tracks in this game
Online Play 
Who doesn’t want to fight online against their best friend or enemy.

Price For only $29.99 you can’t go wrong

Reactions It tends to stutter or react slow after you throw a combination of punches, even with your speed attribute at 100%.
Boxer Creation Huge lack of facial and hair style customization features. My Mii looks more like Mii.
Stats Lack of stats. It would of been nice to have a page where you can reference the current top rank fighters during your career, and maybe even a pound for pound list.

Conclusion: Overall this is a very good game that should appeal to most gamers. If you are a boxing fan this game is a must, the career mode alone makes this game worth it. I’m hoping that the next game fixes or adds some of the features that were missing in this game.

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