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This has just recently been brought to my attention from INFECTEDPB503, one of the hosts at XBLradio. Apparently, Microsoft is supposedly being sued by a group of three texans who filed a 9-page lawsuit against them claiming a breach of contract in regards to the services they receive on Xbox Live.

Here are some of the details as to what was filed in this complaint(I’ll give you the highlights):

1. It describes the December outrages from Blog posters about them not being able to access online play for several weeks, and talks about Microsoft’s failure t correct their server problems.

2. It also says that many of the plaintiffs have experienced interruptions in play, and have been kicked offline for it, as well as received message such as Server Error, etc.

3. Some could not et online, or use matching making or recovery features despite paying for these services when they subscribe to Xbox Live every year. And many of them just recently purchased subscriptions so that they can play online during the holidays.

4. It also alleges that Microsoft new increased holiday Xbox sales would lead to a bump in Xbox Live subscriptions and game-play on its servers, but the company failed to provide adequate access and service to Xbox Live and its subscribers.

5. And finally, the plaintiffs say that the outrages in December constitute a breach of contract for Xbox Live Subscribers.

Here is my interpretation of this whole thing. Honestly, I do agree that Microsoft is having problems with their Xbox Live service, and they havent really put as much effort into fixing it as they should, but these three guys from Texas want nothing more than publicity and money, thats it. Think about it, if you take that money away from them, how are they going to fix all of those problems for you, they are not. You take away their resources, and you will still be experiencing the same problems with your service.

I’ll put it to you like this my friends, we all have a voice, and that voice needs to be heard. If you want better service, fine, but do not ask for money if you really care about the gaming community as a whole, because then everyone thinks you are just pleading your case to make yourself famous, and that you are a fake.

Until next time gamers, this is B4 signing off

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  • Cheers to that B4, and to think, to pay their lawyer for 1 hour, they could probably buy an Xbox Live subscription for 3 years. Rediculous.