Show #103 Bi Fold Vs. Tri Fold ,Part Deuce

We touch on Bi Fold and Tri Fold wallets for the second time. Street Fighter kinda enters the 3D arena we let you know if it’s worth it. VRX MACH 4 is out for the Xbox 360, We preview Battlefield : Bad Company, Burnout Demo get’s updated, and Xbox 360 sales are up but can Xbox Live Take it? We touch on E-Mails and share some awesome stories.

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  • Fanboys!!

    What was up with the audio errors?

    you made a friend trade in a ps3 for a 360 elite, thats just not cool, especially when his console red lights on him.

    Bluray is superior to HD DVD, I own them both and now if what I am buying is on both systems I buy bluray, its serious just a better product.

    As for xbox live being down its more then just an influx, thats just what they are telling us. And there is more issues then just playing online, my arcade games didn’t work (my 360 broke that I bought them on red lighted so I have a different one), the blades were slow, I couldn’t send or receive messages. It was total crap.

    wow rodder are you going to take that from k rock, “your a mac user, your a trifold user”

    sorry about the Cuban thing, I’m an idiot.

    my wallet rocks.

    The zune still blows.

    Rodder as for the calender I had the same issue at my work, we had a good calender, it showed skin but they weren’t naked, someone complained and we had to take it down, I was so annoyed. Total BS.

    I’m in the community too, if you need a gamer for cod4 I’m available