150 inch Plasma in your living room


Ok, so maybe not in your living room, but maybe in 50cent’s living room.
Live from the Panasonic keynote, the 150-Inch plasma’s first details:
â2k x 4k res, 4x the res of 1080p
â50% less power use via double luminance efficiency — big deal on a set this big.
âYou can’t afford this. Unless you are 50cent or Filty.

I would love to hook up Biff’s console to this: I bet those SNES games would look awesome!!

I guarantee you that all the projector heads, are hating on this right now.

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  • Thrillhouse17

    I already ordered two. I’m going to put one next to the other and create the world’s first 300 inch plasma.

  • Ok 50cent…

  • I had this as one of my news stories the last time i recorded a GVU.