Sony put us on game last week with the official revealed plans for Skype
on the PSP. Now Sony, has shown off GPS navigation for use with the PSP.
The peripheral has been used available in Japan for quite some time
now, but this is the first official sign that we here in the US will also receive
the device.
The Sony CES website reveals that the peripheral
will work with navigation software, provided on UMD. "Your PSP will
provide 2D/3D locations, driving directions, POI’s, and even
downloadable city guides. With an easy search feature feature and
customizable settings, GPS on PSP is the easiest way to navigate new
areas and new cities."
An official release date and price have yet to be revealed
They are saying that the price might set you back only $60.
The price is reasonable enough especially when driving through downtown LA.

I can finally take that trip to Arizona to visit CPL G with out getting lost, and play some Jeanne D’Arc on the way as well. Yeah!! Man is it me or is the PSP a must have nowadays?

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  • this is awesome. Even though I have gps on my blackberry I can still see myself picking this up

  • TeeTocks

    They just keep adding cool little add-ons to the PSP…now if it can brew a good cup of coffee I’d go out and buy it right away.

  • Hahahaha, I know right. They will have a Starbucks UMD.