The Fanboys Lunchcast: Episode 32

Da best!

Episode 32: Five Bucks? (52:53)

Featuring casual Christmas shopping tragedies, Rock Band, risking young lives for the love of Bravia, Xbox Live outages and outrages, our favorite games of 2007, and Fotu!

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  • Mik I have been doing the same thing, not recommending the 360 solely do to the failure rate of the console.

    “Did she have tweasers?”

    “2 God 1 Commit”

    Damn you guys had some funny quotes, these were just a couple of my favs.

  • Great show guys, some funny stuff going on here. The stripper story was pricless, lol, “Are you going to get off?”, “No, theres 15 people around me”, lol, just plain awesome.

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