Gamer’s Video Update Jan 8, 2008

Topics Include:

Game Releases- Week of Jan. 6th
Dad shoots son after refusing to look at his Xbox 360
Bioshock 2 to be prequel, release in summer 2009
Statement: Warner Bros. exclusively supporting Blu-ray DVD format
Rumor: Super Smash Bros. Brawl Demo Coming soon
Sony announces full Skype PSP Details
Buy a Blu-ray movie, watch it on your PSP?
HDMI contest winner
All this and more!

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  • Night

    Nice GVU Steve, as always. I’m happy you mentioned the blu-ray/psp thing, I thought that was pretty awsome when I read the article the other day.
    Nice throws!
    Maybe go out playing the drum,s next time?????? that would have been sweet.
    Also thought it was funny the dog showed up on the couch at the end. heh

  • Great Update Steve – lots of interesting info there.Skype on PSP seems like another reason to go Sony – damn im a tech guy and things are adding up pretty quickly.