Video Game Jocks Episode 71

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In this episode we talk about Microsoft Rumors, CES, XBL Woes, Microsoft’s Total Sales, Sony’s Holiday Sales, Who To Blame for the Fat Kids, We Answer Your Listener Mail and More!

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  • alright just listened to this weeks show and like always I have a few things

    First, Seahawks are garbage? Thats crazy talk man, I was so disappointed that I heard that.

    Well if you look at my comments on your last show that I left you, you will see how I think the consoles are going to fare this year.

    So ya, xbox live, still down, how awesome is that? how many days are we at now? The only good thing about it being down is its stopping all the halo nerds from playing halo.

    CES, well not much coming out of ces as far as video games are concerned. Expect for the fact that soon you will be able to take your bluray movies, put it in your ps3 and send the movie to your psp, now really how awesome is that? There is no way you can honestly bash on that. Your buying one movie and getting 2 versions.

    And yes the 3 red lights is cause to play those awesome ps3 games, and it is that way for 2 reasons, first I still have my console all the time, unlike the 3ish weeks I lose my 360 everytime I send it for repair and 2 I know that when I buy and download dlc on my ps3 it will work regardless for me if psn online is working or not, which isn’t the case with xbox live. All my dlc and arcade games do not work unless xbox live is up, now how awesome is that?

    Anyways you guys take it easy and Paul, slow down on the ps3 bashing, soon your start to see what a great console it is.

    Great show, Steve