Third Party Steps In, Solves Rock Band Woes?

Short recap: Rock Band and Guitar Hero don’t play nice, don’t let you use each other’s guitars on their game. They’ve had well over a month now, and no solution. And what’s worse is that Rock Band guitars aren’t available separately. Enter third party peripherals, created by Nyko. 


Announced at CES, this 3rd party guitar will support both games (via a very inelegant switch), let you rock out wirelessly for 80 hours on 3 AA batteries, and will include all the features included in the Rock Band guitar (effects, tilt for star power, hopefully not terrible buttons). 

Great, so a solution is on the way, right? If Activision and Harmonix don’t ever resolve this problem, then at least we have an alternative. The problem is that this 3rd party band-aid won’t be available until March. It’s January now. Rock Band came out in November. This is ridiculous. Hope you’re willing to wait a couple more months to play this with friends.

I’m happy I got the 360 version. Activision, Harmonix…you really messed this thing up. 

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