Its been a good week

So I am having a pretty good week and a great kick off to a new year. So as most of you know I was recently interviewed by Trixie from Microsoft for the Community Spotlight and I have to say, that was pretty awesome. Awesome for me and awesome for our community because it really helped get the word out there about Platform Nation. So to my surprise today, Trixie announced the top ten gamertags that have served by this week and just who is number 10 (ya 1 would have been better but I’m happy just to be up there), some how I am. So I just figured I would let you all know about that. Its awesome to be listed and thought of in this great community that we have out there and I owe it all to you guys, my listeners and community members, as well as the awesome old and new team at XBL Radio, Gui J and all the shows that are apart of

Thank you guys for being so cool and helping spread the word, and also, thank you Trixie for all that you have done to help us out, a young and striving gaming community.

Take it easy everyone, and just to let you all know, this is going to be a kick ass year for Platform Nation and all of our shows.


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  • Congrats on getting number 10 in the top ten gamertags, awesome stuff. It has been great working with you on the Gamers Video Updates and hope that fun continues throughout 2008.

  • Nice going Steve! It’s good to see hard work paying off.