Some Minor Resistance 2 Details Announced…

Purchased a PS3 at launch? Then you own Resistance: FOM (a.k.a. The game that carried the PS3 during the barren spring months). Lucky for owners, it was a pretty damn good game, and had a rock solid online multiplayer as well. Now, in 2008, Insomniac looks to bring us its latest installment in the Resistance franchise.

Gamestop’s favorite magazine, Gameinformer, brings exclusive details on Insomniac’s Resistance 2. Hold onto your butts:

  • Nathan Hale’s campaign continues against the Chimera (hopefully with a good ending this time).
  • A separate co-op campaign that can be played either 2 players offline, or 8 players online. (Basically a second campaign? Nice.)
  • Online multiplayer featuring up to 60 players online (with totally kick ass, lag free even-if-you’re-in-Italy-and-playing-with-people-back-home-4000-miles-away-in-the-USA dedicated servers).
  • Newly implemented class system (heavy, special ops, medic) in online play.
  • Partially randomized geometry in certain level spots (We’ll see how this works out. Has the potential to be either great or horrible.)
  • Stat tracking on (I’m assuming what Bungie does.).

Are you excited yet? Well, if you liked the original Resistance, and still play it online from time to time, you should be. 60 players online at the same time? That is insane. The maps must be gigantic. Is that a record for a console game? I think so. And are they basically including 2 different campaigns, one single player focused and the other for up to 8 people at the same time? Potentially awesome, just hope that they don’t feel like the GRAW co-op missions (tacked on and mildly fun).

Wow, all these great features, I wonder what Sony will charge us monthly to play this game online, since they’re giving us dedicated servers? (Psst, here’s a hint: nothing.)

Insomniac might be my new favorite developer.

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  • I might have to beat this game soon

  • Dedicated servers make a great game better…why oh why didn’t Microsoft give them to the Halo nation?? Thanks for the heads up thrill, I can’t wait to read about it when my Gameinformer shows up.

  • Night

    This sounds like the co-op would be ridiculously fun.
    I can’t wait to play through the first one.