Soul Calibur meets Star Wars

Most of you must of heard the news already, on the Soul Calibur meets Star Wars thang, but just in case you were not aware here it is. Soul Calibur IV meets Star Wars!! Yes coming later this year Soul Calibur IV will have two Star War characters: Master Yoda on the Jedi side for the XBOX360 version, and Darth Vader on the Sith Lord side for the PS3 version. But why not have both characters on both consoles?? I bet you that this is just the beginning, how about down loadable content in the future of the game that will allow you to buy Vader or Master Yoda on each consoles market place/store?? Hmmm.. Well, who cares right now, the cool thing is that this video gave me flash backs of the Dreamcast days, when I first laid my hands on Soul Calibur, and how great that game was and, how I would of never thought they would of ever matched the version of the Dreamcast. Well this is why I posted this..It gave me madera… (look it up). Soul Calibur for the Dreamcast was on point in every way, and I hope to see the same for this game, which already has the marketing edge by incorporating a monster collaboration with Star Wars.

If I had to choose right now, and money wasn’t an object, I would go with Vader. But since I don’t have a PS3, Master Yoda will do. Darth Vader has the looks, but Yoda has the moves.

"I like your style, I like your moves" Quote from" Starsky and Hutch"

What side will you choose??

  • Dear Lord in Heaven!

    This is better than any Spawn injection into the game. Darth Vader…Master Yoda…Soul Caliber IV.

    I don’t EVER buy fighting games except for old Mortal Kombat ones and used Tekkens, but I WILL BUY THIS on the PS3.

    Gentleman, get your lightsabers ready. It’s time to rumble!

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  • Harlan Booth