Macbook Air


Apple just announced the .16-inch thin MacBook Air — a laptop so thin that it should of been in Deuce Bigalow "I have a thin d***"
-features a full-size keyboard and LED-backlit 13.3-inch display with
built-in iSight
-New larger trackpad supports multi-touch
gestures. Just like the iPhone you’ll be able to pan around, pinch to
zoom, and rotate with two fingers, and move windows with a flick.
– 1.8-inch 80GB drive that’s in the
iPod classic, but you’ll be able to order a 64GB SSD as an option
-Price starting @ $1799.99 other specs here

Attention TQ fam** besides this new notebook hitting the apple store, be aware that some of us that couldn’t afford the previous Mac books may now be able to copp one. Just this morning I already saw some on the refurb section at the apple store with a list price of 749.99 for the white and $899.99 for the black.
mO DeAl$ fo sho…early adopters just don’t know..