Video Game Jocks Episode 72

In this episode we talk about Resistance 2, Smash Bros. Being Delayed, Goldeneye Almost Being on XBLA, XMB Coming to PS3 This Year, Vader and Yoda in Soul Caliber, We Answer Your Listener Mail and More!

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  • Nice to see that cod4 is taking some of your gaming time, it is so much better the that craptastic H3

    Tron=sucking ass, maybe because I suck so bad at that game but I can not play it.

    And omega five I thing rocks, I had a blast playing it.

    While I still haven’t tried everyday shooter I love super stardust hd, it has coop, the graphics rock, and the game is a blast, its a must buy on the ps3.

    60 player online for resistance honestly is too much for me, but the 8 player coop sounds awesome, I can’t wait for it. And dedicated servers rock, that’s what makes warhawk, ut3 and many others so great to play.

    Best trilogy is the original starwars, vinny your on crack. I can not wait for soul caliper to come out with this, my question is which ver would you guys pick up?

    Rock bands stage kit is total awesomeness, I can see me dropping a bill for that one.

    To be continued later, I only got about half way through

  • What’s up with the echo during voice mail?

    Paul are you jealous with 7in pleasures Gamertag? Ha, that was funny

    I got some hands on time with dark sector, wasn’t too impressed, the graphics looked cool, anamations looked great but the gameplay turned me off.

    Stay away from the bowling game on the ps3, it is trash

    Hey what’s up with my email not being read?

    overall great show, I really enjoyed it.

    Oh one last thing,paul two words, pop filter, you should invest in one

  • Thanks for listening. I have zero idea why it has been echoing occasionally during voicemails. It makes no sense. I think I just need to slow down and turn my volume down (I’m out of control).

    And, yes, Tron and Omega 5 were garbage. These arcade games need to be retooled to not steal your money but to play like proper games.

    C’mon Steve, remember, I’m always right. I was right on the Seahawks being garbage and I am right on these games being garbage.

  • Paul why do you have to go there?

  • I’m a bad person?

    I’m just building a case… for me always being right.

  • you are funny Paul, I’ll give you that. But the Seahawks comments hurt, it really does. but your find out what that feels like this weekend when the packers crush the giants

  • What you’re failing to realize is that I have no hope for the Giants to win this game and/or the Super Bowl.

    The Giants are OVERachieving. It’s ok if they lose. The Seahawks (in your eyes I’d bet) are UNDERachieving, although I believe (based on my “garbage” comment) that they appropriately achieved in these playoffs and you should be happy with them winning a bad division in the lesser conference and then, at least, finding their way to Lambeau.

    (Oh, snap! More cheap shots, son!)

  • Vinny if your located in the cleveland area hit me up we can go grab a beer.

  • Gui J, if we are all in the cleveland area together. You, Vinny, and myself should go get a beer and play some video games together.