XBLRadio ver 59.5: “This is Not PSHRadio, although we talk more PS3 then they do…”


It’s the return of a couple legends.
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This episode we discuss:


  • Good Show. I wish me or Thrillhouse17 could have been there to defend PSN against Xbox Live.

    The show was good but the XBL echo kicked in during the middle of the show making it hard to listen to some people.

  • Jaevicious

    I agree, great show. But the quality was horrible..

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    LoL. It’s funny. I remember making this post long time ago.

    All the people giving excuses for not purchasing the PS3 will buy the system soon. I use to blindly support one console simply because I was ignorant of the other. The fact is Microsoft’s LIVE is not worth $50.

    As a matter of fact, you’ll probably see subscription based digital downloads on Sony’s PSN before Microsoft.

  • The Other Guy 1

    Good show guys. It was a lot of fun to jump back into the podcasts circle. Great job on editing and making something out of the recording over XBOX Live.

    TOG out!

  • great show you guys, it ws real nice to hear tog and rusty again.

    Audio quality wasn’t the greatest, partly due to xbox live and, i think, partly because of the way the recording setup was, the levels seemed a little high. The levels at the recording time, not the editing time.

    And speaking of the editing, great job on that too.

    You guys brought up some good topics with xbox live being worth it

  • mik

    Really enjoyed this week’s roundtable. Good job to all involved–and much love for getting Rusty and TOG back on.

  • Smoke U Fools

    Good show fellas…and I even got a shout out…Woohooo..Good hearing Rusty and Tog on the prowl again…keep it up!