Hypno Fusion


Hypno Fusion

A Mr.B4 and his girl exclusive drink tip. TQcast EP 21

Ingredients/ materials you will need

* 2 Oz. of Rose’s Cocktail Infusion Mix- Watermelon Flavor
* 2 Oz. of Hypnotiq
* Small amount of Sugar (for the rim of your glass)
* Large Martini Glass or Wine glass
* 3 or 4 Ice Cubes
* Cocktail Shaker( not sure if this is the right name for it)
* Small Plate to put sugar on
* Small bowl (to pour small amount of drink into to stick sugar to rim of martini glass)

1. Put Ice Cubes into Cocktail shaker
2. Add Hypnotiq and Cocktail infusion mix into shaker
3. Shake up Ingredients
4. Put small amount of Cocktail infusion mix into bowl (enough to fill the bottom)
5. Put a small amount of sugar onto a small plate (to place on rim of glass)
6. Take Martini or Wine glass and put the rim of it into the small bowl
of Cocktail infusion Mix, twist glass around to get the entire rim of
it wet.
7. Place rim of glass onto plate of sugar, move in circular motion until entire rim of glass is covered.
8. Pour drink into glass and enjoy