Inside Source Reveal the Truth About Xbox 360 “Red Ring of Death” Failures

Hey whats up everyone?  I read an article today on the Seattle Times website and I figured I would share it with you as it was a pretty interesting read into the issues that cause the infamous RROD so here you go and I urge you to read it.

Here is a quote from the article,

“Q: So what do you think the real failure rate of the Xbox 360 is? Some have estimated it as high as 30%. I got my Xbox in early 2007 and so far so good but what do you think the chance is that it’s going to die on me one day.

It’s around 30%, and all will probably fail early. This quarter they are expecting 1 M failures, most of those Xenons. Some of those are repeat failures. Life expectancy is all over the map because the design has very little margin for most of the important parameters. That means it’s not a fault tolerant design. So a good unit may last a couple of years, while a bad unit can fail in hours. I have a launch unit and have not had a single problem with it. And it’s used a lot. But I don’t know anyone else with a 360 that hasn’t broken, except you now. There’s no way to tell when yours might die. But the cooler you can keep it, the longer it will probably last. So stand it up, keep it in free air, etc. :Note : Xenon was the code name for the first Xbox 360 mother board.”

  • Steve, I do not know if you had a chance to read a book about the design and launch of the 360. It’s called “The XBOX360 uncloaked” by Dean Takahashi. He was given access by Microsoft to write about the making of the 360 and late in the book he talks about how Microsoft knew about the design problems but wanted to launch first.

    you can oder the book here:

  • ezporter

    I am not an industry insider nor an expert, but if I were to give my opinion, which I am, I would say it has to be closer to 40%. I’m talking about launch counsoles, i’m sure the newer skus are less defective. and I’m not just talking out of my ass, I’m on my 6th.