Show #104 First Time Shot

Rodder swings by with his little sister and we get her to take her first shot ever. Xbox Live hits 10 Million, GoldenEye almost made it to XBLA (We have petition info), Devil May Cry 4 Demo might be on its way, M$ gives Undertow for free because of Xbox Live Issues, and NPD data is in. Our review section is open and we debut our Patriot segment.

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Happy Birthday Method!!!

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  • Anyone else notice the sexual tention between krock and rodders sister?

    Thanks rodder for the mac support, it was nice to hear compared to k rocks normally bashing towards it.

    Wow, thanks for another not so awesome video, I ended up catching up on a few of your other videos and to be honest I didn’t feel right for several days after watching the bme pain olympics, I felt so nasty after watching that.

    Serious? Only a tightnish group for golden eye??? That would probably be the #1 seller as far as rehashs go online for the 360.

    As far as xbox live is concerned I had serious issues, I couldn’t play with friends for like 3 weeks. And I’m still having issues. I want a month free of live for the month almost that I couldn’t play, really is that too much to ask for? Or how about how since live was down none of my dlc worked because I don’t has the same console due to the red lights.

    Oh if you guys still have openings I can find the time for your tournamne.

    And to wrap this up, kameo still sucks and bi folds are still gay. Zune ftl!