Time for some Nintendo Power!

Nintendo Power Magazine Cover

What is up everybody at XBLradio and Platform Nation, it is Mr B4 here to give you the latest news as to whats going on in the gaming world, as well as in the world of Platform Nation.

I have been thinking bout doing something like this for some time now, but i wanted to share this idea with all of you, and get your feedback on it. I think what PN is missing is a podcast that mainly focuses on Nintendo, because as of late it has been a PS3 love fest because of all the problems that the Xbox 360 has been having lately.  I think it is about time that Nintendo got some love, and have a show dedicated to the company that made gaming what it is today.

I know how much the PS3 and 360 are liked because of all these new updated graphics, High definition video and audio output, and games that appeal to all types of different audiences. There is one thing that gamers have to remember, and that is, if Nintendo never existed, we would have no games to play, because they were the company that ultimately saved this entire industry from falling flat on its face.

Now no solid details as to what is going on with show have been made as of yet. All I want to know from all of you gamers out there is what ideas you have for the show that you would like to see  me and my co-host(you will find out his name when you listen to the show) bring to the listeners each and every week, to make the show the best source of news and information for all Nintendo gamers out there.  Your opinions and ideas matter to us, so share them, because we are a united community of gamers who care about the games we play, and the shows we listen to.

Until next time gamers, this is B4 signing off,

Take care,