Bioshock Figurine and Art book finally in my hands.


I received a UPS notification yesterday with the sender being a "External Job" ummm I scheduled to pick up this package.. thinking to my self "I finally got hit with either some free games from TQ fam or possibly another victim of Anthrax" (which doesn’t matter), since I’m immune to anthrax thanks to the corp..Anyways I picked up the package today, and was surprised to see the 5 month waited replacement from 2K… Yes I finally got the Bioshock figurine replacement with the free art book "Breaking the Mold" They send it with required signature delivery.. So be on the look out.

Check out the rest of the images here


  • Kosamus

    They made the book available to download in pdf format when the game came out. It has some really kewl illustrations in there. Even the laughable lil sister hamster things. Some of those Silent Hill looking baddies would have made the game a bit more intense though. Enjoy

  • Congrats on finally getting what you wanted man. Hope you enjoy it.