Patapon Brings Affordable Fun to the PSP

Patapon for the PSP

Sony’s PSP, which has been consistently selling well despite any super popular title pushing it along, had been making splashes earlier this month at CES for things such as Skype and GPS functionality coming to the handheld. All of this while many industry folks have been screaming from the rooftops for Sony to focus on fun games, much like Nintendo does with the DS, instead of beefing up the already powerful handheld.

Maybe Sony has finally decided to listen to everyone else for a change.

Patapon, the rhythm based, sidescroller from Sony’s Japan Studio, for the PSP is being priced to move at an MSRP of $19.99. If there was anything that Sony should steal from Nintendo’s playbook, it should be the fact that small, fun $20, or less, games are a very good thing and maybe, if this game is a success, that may become the norm as opposed to the rare exception.

Not to say that Patapon will be the best game ever made but I, and I’m sure I’m not alone here, am much more willing to take a chance on a fun looking game at $20, which is impulse buy territory, than at $40, the usual price point for PSP titles and also the price point for quite a few home console titles.

Sony, thank you, at least once, for realizing that it’s about the games.

Check out the trailer for Patapon after the jump…

YouTube Direktvideo link

  • mik

    Played the import version on a friend’s PSP and it’s an absolute joy. Can’t wait to pick it up, and yes–I think $19.99 is the appropriate price point for pretty much every handheld game.

  • wow, I clicked this story thinking thrillhouse wrote it as he seems to be the only one that give constant praise to sony and to my surprise Paul wrote it, im totally shocked. Now I will have to download once i get home to try this out.

  • this is on the psn store right?

  • It’s not out here in the US yet Steve but you can import it. I played the first few levels and this game is addictive. There is a lot of strategy that goes into it. Since mostly all the text is in Japanese I’ve been using the following guide to help me out with what to do.

  • mik

    Yeah, I’d call it a “rhythm/strategy game” which makes no sense–until you play it.

  • This looks cool. I’m Glad I didn’t trade in my PSP.