Frontlines PS3, Other Franchises Cancelled by THQ


Frontlines: Fuel of War PS3 Cancelled

THQ has announced the cancellation of some projects and whole franchises. Amongst those were the Juiced and Stuntman franchises, which recently had failed sequels in Hot Import Nights and Ignition respectively, and the PS3 version of Frontlines: Fuel of War. 

If anything, this seems like cost cutting measures on the part of THQ. In the cases of Juiced and Stuntman, it makes complete sense. As for Frontlines: Fuel of War on the PS3, it makes less sense unless some third party developers, seeing how hard it is to develop titles on the PS3, even on second generation titles, and the fact that the install base, despite some strides being made in 2007, is still not there and falling behind, rather than catching up, the Xbox 360 month over month.

This all leads to Frontlines: Fuel of War, which has a demo up on XBLM, now being an Xbox 360 exclusive very late in it’s life cycle. It also leads to a few questions. Does this amount to a vote of no confidence in the PS3 by at least one third party developer? Or, could this simply be a case of a third party deveoloper not adequately allocating it’s resources in the development process?

What do you think? Vote of no confidence or mistakes made by THQ?

  • Rarely have I ever played a game by THQ and been entertained.

    The fact that they choose not to bring it the PS3 affects me not. I haven’t even played the demo on Xbox Live.

    In short, this game just doesn’t matter.

  • The demo was alright at best. I just think that there is a chance this could be a signal that some developers, or at least THQ, may see no reason to kill themselves over making a PS3 version when they can just make an Xbox 360 version and make plenty o’ cash.

  • Hmmm.

    You thought the demo was alright. I didn’t even play it.

    That’s 2 people who aren’t going to buy the game when you stack it up against Devil May Cry 4, Ninja Gaiden 2, GTA IV, and Pro Evolution Soccer 2008.

    I don’t see THQ making any money off this game anytime soon.

    THQ is just doing what is best for their own pocketbooks. Until you find me 1,000 gamers saying they’re going to buy this game over anything else coming out on the 360, this game just doesn’t matter.

  • I agree. THIS game doesn’t matter. What it may mean does.

  • My point goes further than this game.

    Besides the WWE game, how many games from THQ have you bought this past year?

    I understand where you’re going with the idea. I just think it is a non-factor.

    Third party developers aren’t happy with their success on the Wii, but do they stop producing games for the system? No. In fact, Game Informer has a whole list of third party developed games coming out for the Wii this year.

    THQ has always been an underachieving company. They put out the same wrestling game with a worse engine than the year before. All their titles are barely “B” rated.

    EA, Capcom, 2K, and even Epic are making games for the PS3. Maybe they have to actually WORK and think outside of the antiquated game-maker box, but they’re doing it.

    The real question here is should THQ just quit making games? If they can’t do what other companies are already doing, maybe they should call it a day.

  • ABACAB72

    I happen to think that THQ is one of those publishers that happens to have hit or miss games. One of my favourites from them is Saint’s Row. I also like the Spongebob games as well. But the big sellers from them are the WWE games. So, they are usually moderately successful. They’re not in the same league as 2K, Ubisoft, or even EA. But at least they hold their own.

    I don’t think that they should quit making games at all. If anything, if the trend continues then maybe they could join Microsoft Games Studios. It seems that they like making games for that platform. Besides MGS needs all the help they can get sing the loss of Bungie and Bizzare.

  • thats paul for this news story I did talk about on the upcoming show for There really hasn’t been much out of the other then the wrestling games that I really enjoyed. And as far as them canceling the ps3 version only of frontline, oh well, they have to save money and go to where the consoles are at, I have no issues with this, sucks but oh well. I honestly wasnt going to pick this game up anyways