The Gamers Pub, Episode 17

The Gamers Pub, Episode 17

Topics Include:
Mmm, BeerWhat we are drinking
Mmm, BeerWhats being played this week
Mmm, BeerState of the Nation, Episode 2
Mmm, BeerDevil May Cry 4 demo
Mmm, BeerPatapon on the PSP
Mmm, BeerGrand Theft Auto 4 dated
Mmm, BeerFrontlines Fuel of War canceled on the PS3 continues on the 360
Mmm, BeerMicrosoft is going to offer Undertow free for download beginning next Wednesday, at 2 am PST, through Sunday
Mmm, BeerBurnout Paradise talk
Mmm, BeerCall of Duty 4 Tournament very very soon
Mmm, BeerListener mail
Mmm, BeerA very special giveaway (Win a free Xbox 360)
Mmm, BeerAll this and more

Intro song by the band BIG WIG check them out at Outro Song: 9th at pine Artist: Less Than Jake

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  • Kosamus

    Great show guys! Great contest idea and 100 words should be easy enough. I’ll be sure to send some local brews your way sooner or later – and it would be perfect for the Gamers Pub. btw, Good to see you lost those man boobies steve!

  • TeeTocks

    Wow, this show was Aaa-mazing!

  • Very nice show, Steve picked up the energy on this one..GUI J taking shots during the show is the best thing you can do, next to cleaning your ears with a q-tip after a hot shower.

  • Saints Row had a pretty bad multiplayer mode, i tried it,and it was one of the worst experinces ive ever had with an online game. The gametypes are strange, the gameplay is extremely laggy, and the levels are poorly designed, it took me almost a half hour to move from one area to another on the map.

    And the show was “amaaazing!” by the way, i wonder if Steve was recording live from his bathroom during the show.

    Cannot wait for the next show guys.