80 GB PS3 out, 120-160 GB PS3 with Dual shock 3 in!

 80 GB PS3

Hey whats up gamers, it is Mr B4 here with the latest news as to what is going on in the gaming community.  I got some news this week about a system that i never usually talk about it, the PS3.

Apparently, the rumors about the 80 GB PS3 being phased out at BestBuy are true. After speaking with Sony about the discontinuing of the 80 GB PS3, a source from had a conversation with an unnamed person from sony found out some interesting information. First and foremost, Sony will be sticking with two SKUs from now on. Read below to find out the rest.

Here is the conversation in its entirety:

“Sony is, in fact, phasing out the 80GB PS3. Sony is going to stay with the two-SKU approach though, and the prices look to stay the same,” the mole told me. I heard sirens in the background, and the mole seemed nervous. “The Spiderman 3 pack-in will disappear as well once the 80GB unit is gone. In order to maintain a similar value proposition to the 80GB/Spiderman 3 bundle, I expect to see a storage increase to 120 or 160GB at the same price point, plus the new Dual-Shock 3 controller… what are you trying to accomplish with this story?”

“I’m just trying to get to the bottom of Sony’s plans for their hardware so my readers can decide whether or not they should buy now, or hold off. But I’m only one man,” I say.

“Now we’re two,” the mole whispers, and when I look around in surprise… my informant was already gone. 

There you have it gamers, an anonymous rumor from an anonymous source who works for Sony, very vague and very bleak, so keep your eye out for this on your own, since nothing is set in stone as of right now. I own a PS2 as of right now, and if Sony offers this bundle at the same price as the 80 GB model, with the newer controller included, and much more hard drive space for my games, I might consider picking this version up. If you do not own a PS3 yet, and are thinking of getting one, wait for this version to come out, because this one could possibly be the best bang for your buck.

Until next time gamers, this is B4 signing off

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P.S.- If you get this system with the new controller, you might be just as awesome as Mr. Moneybags himself, Mr. Chiahippo.

  • If only I had not clipped off the Proof of Purchase for that Blu Ray rebate!!!

  • Good Story Mr B4. I’m not sure whats up with BC in this version. I think this 120g or 160g version will follow suit with the 40g and not have BC at all. I’m really not sure but I would not be surprised.

    I paid a pretty price for my Dual Shock 3, but I think it’s a much better controller than the sixaxis. In fact for a bit I was using my PS2 controller to play PS3 games using a controller adapter by pelican.

    Once again good story Mr B4.