New Release Snap Judgements 1/28/2008

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From here on out we’re going to be bringing you the new releases for each week in video games along with some snap judgements on the quality of the games and how well they will sell regardless of whether or not we’ve played the game or a demo. Enjoy!

Turok (Xbox 360, PS3)

Another first person shooter which happens to have dinosaurs. That novelty wore off with Jurassic Park and I’m still busy with COD 4 and Halo 3. It won’t sell well.

Bomberman Land (Wii, PSP)

I really enjoy the Bomberman games but it’s a third party title on the Wii and a quick, fun game on the PSP. It has no shot.

Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice (PSP) – Pick of the Week

If I had to purchase a title this week, this would be it. The pursuit force games are probably a happy medium for the PSP between “real” game and quick, fun game. It’s $30 and features over 50 car chase missions. Sounds like a good time to me and I do think this game will do OK sales wise.
Bomberman Land Touch! 2 (DS)

I’m sure Bomberman will do much better on the DS than on the Wii and PSP this week. Again, I am a fan of the series but probably wouldn’t pick this up either. It’s a DS game, their are a gazillion of them out there. Someone will buy it.

The Sims Castaway Stories (PC)

Another Sims expansion pack equals another gigantic payday for EA. I don’t understand the whole Sims phenomenon but they sure do sell well.

That is for this week. Nothing to write home about (yet something to post about?). My advice: stick with what you have. Save the money for some of the better February releases like Devil May Cry 4 and Patapon.

  • Turok comes out next week