Top is giving away a Xbox 360

As you heard on the shows on Platform Nation, we are giving away a free Xbox 360. This is what you have to do to enter to win. Tell ME in no less then 100 words why Platform Nation Rocks!! That is it, thats all you have to do. I will be judging on creativity and spelling (I suck ass spelling to but I still use spell check). At first it was anyone that could enter but staff, BUT I decided to let staff go for the win too, so anyone can win but me. So post your essay right here on this thread and you will be entered to win. Oh and before I forget, we also have a runner up prize as well, now it isn’t quite as good as an Xbox 360 but its still awesome, the runner will win Halo 2 collectors edition signed by Incubus!! So start writing those essays or 100 words and this will go on for 2 weeks, till Feb 11 at midnight pacific time.

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