Video Game Jocks Episode 73

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In this episode we talk about December NPD Numbers, Fox News vs. Mass Effect, GTA IV Finding a Release Date, Nintendo’s Release Calendar in 08, We Answer Your Listener Mail and More!

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  • kratosoprano

    the podcast was good but the echo was a little annoying

  • pretty good show, except for the reverb.

    Rick Flair blows ass btw, and so do the Giants.

    The two best wrestlers are easily Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin.

    Thanks for going into the Fox News scandle a little more, I breifly heard about but not too much till your show. I am now boycotting Fox News, Fair and balanced my ass.

    NPD numbers can blow me, I hate them, every company tries to turn them in there favor, they are just stupid and it bugs me when I hear them, they have no place in the news for us gamers, just at the board meetings for there stock holders.

    Again, great show guys