Sony’s Game Division Turns a Profit

Sony's Gaming Division Turns a ProfitNo, that is not an error. Sony’s gaming division, home of the PlayStation consoles, has indeed turned a profit in their fiscal Q3 (October to December).

Sony said that, in that time period, they have sold 4.93 million PS3s worldwide and have turned a profit in their gaming division. The profit is attributed to Sony lowering both production costs on the PS3 and aggressive price cuts that have spurred sales of the black behemoth.

Congratulations to Sony on managing to turn a profit during what seemed like a tumultuous time for the latest PlayStation console. I am quite interested to see what will happen when Sony actually has top flight games to go along with a solid Blu-Ray lineup.

During the record setting 2007 year that passed, even Sony has managed to make money. Are you surprised or did you think Sony was doing well?


    It is not suprising at all considering that the sales figures include psp and ps2.

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  • Sony will continue to do well because of there ps2 and psp. And if that isn’t enough, the ps3 will start to seriously rock this year with all that is coming to it.

  • I’m loving it. The more money Sony makes, the harder they’ll try to sell us the PS3 which means cutting prices on games and more innovative measures to win over some Xbox 360 fanboys.