• Very nice video Thrillhouse. As someone who has never played Rez before, some of the footage here has showed me quite a bit about it and peaked my interest a bit more.

  • Looks like that 15+ hours of editing paid off. Very good job Thrillhouse.

  • IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT DON’T PLAY IT… how hard is that? why take 15 hours to rip apart a game. just because its on the 360 and came on the ps2 a while ago. i had to stop in the middle it was so biased but did you even mention the creator of the game and how he is some legend in games. or about how the game has a lot to do with the music more then the gameplay.

    if ya going to review a game you don’t like please at least do it on a system you love..
    oh wait i get you. you bucking for a job on the sony defense force and this is one of their sarcastic lame diggs on a 360 story. Congrats! I would give you the job.

  • Thrillhouse17

    Ignorance reigns supreme.

  • mik

    LOL @ Infected. Saying he loves it isn’t effusive enough praise for you? What the hell?

    BTW, it was originally on the Dreamcast in 2001 in Japan. I think Miziguchi was pretty well known for Rez and Space Channel 5 before Lumines ever came around.

  • Thrillhouse17

    @mik Yeah, but I said he’s recently known for Lumines. Not many people know what Space Channel 5 is, outside of “hardcore” gamers. And it was released in the USA on the PS2. We never got the Dreamcast version.

  • oh my bad, from what i said i didn’t watch whole thing. i didn’t realize the first 2 mins of the review had no basis on the final review. DOH!
    I watch the whole thing and i would compare this to Gertsmann, at the end of the K&L video review, to turn around and give the game a 10 and tell everyone to buy it.
    guess you have to pick where to waste your time and after the first 2 mins of someone, a noted ps3 person, bash a 360 game i am going to go watch something else.
    just a thought but maybe move the “I love it” before the “Rez is an example of what games shouldn’t do, the core game play is simple, very repetitive and can be completed in a hour and no reason to play again…” that just leads me to believe i shouldn’t play it, but what do i know, just some hick from Oregon..

    plus the trans vibrator works on this version also. from what i’ve heard.

  • Kosamus

    Wow thrill, great job on the Rez documentary.

  • I didn’t know Steve hired Jeff Gertsmann…Hahaha….haha…….come on it was a joke..

    Anyways the whole video review is very professionally done. Nice Job Thrill! I played the demo and liked the beats, but I wasn’t like “wow” but I haven’t played the actual game so I might like it.

  • Thrillhouse17

    I stand by my review, and the way in which it was organized.

    If you feel that I am unfairly biased, or am unable to be objective, you’re welcome to ignore anything I post.

  • I felt the review was informative, and keep in mind, you can still enjoy a game and see whats wrong with it at the same time, just because liked it, doesnt mean he thought the game was perfect.