Gamer’s Video Update Feb 4, 2008

Topics Include:

Game releases week of Feb 3
Gears of War 2 details and map revealed
PSP firmware 3.9 released
PS3 controller has the best battery life
Metal Gear Solid: The Essential Collection available for preorder
Halo Wars not coming to the PC
EA confirms Rock Band for the Wii
Mercenaries 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company delayed
EA to extend Burnout Paradise demo
LucasArts president resigns
PS3 Devil May Cry comes with a 20 min install
EA predicts PS3 to out sell the 360 this year’s official Call of Duty 4 tournament
All this and more!

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  • Nice info 519!

    I vote for the Dualshock 3. I’m considering buying that sexy white one. So my PS3 can be just like my Elite…ebony and ivory!

  • ezporter

    i’ve also been saying that 08 and 09 are going to be big for the ps3. they wont take over, obviously because the 360 launched first and has a lot of momentum, but the ps3 will sell a lot this year. which is good, i want them to succeed.