Fifa Street 3 Video Review

Fifa Street 3

Game Review: Fifa Street 3
Release: February 18, 2008
Genre: Sports
Developer: Electronic Arts
Available Platforms: Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo DS
Players: 1-4, 8 Online (360 version)
MSRP: $49.99
ESRB Rating: E

If you have ever played any of EA Sport’s street games then you know what you are getting into here. You are going to be playing an over the top, showboating, fast paced sports game with about half the normal amount of players on the field. So with that being said, you have a five person team and you play several different game types ranging from: headers and volleys where you score by volleying or heading the ball into the goal, Gamebreaker goals where only your Gamebreaker scores count, traditional timed games as well as a few other types.

Graphics: 9
The graphics in Fifa Street 3 are not mind blowing but they are very good. The players are done in a cartoonish way which adds to the proper feel to the game. On the fields there are several small things like when your Gamebreaker is active some of the on the edge of the map, like basketball hoops, move or jump around with the beats. You might not notice right away but they add a lot to the visual aspect of the game. You do not always get to take in the graphics all the time in the game though because of the fast paced action of Fifa but when the game shows you your instant replays you get to sit back and watch yourself make that unbelievable goal in a very beautiful fashion.

Sound: 8
Being a game that is going to be played all over the world, Fifa Street needed music that would work for it everywhere. Surprisingly they did a great job with the music selection in the game. My only issue with it was that after putting many hours into the game it does get repetitive. Luckily for me I have been playing it on the Xbox 360 so I can also use my own custom soundtrack. There are also several special sound effects in the game, they seem to add that little extra and keeps this game very interesting and they bring you that much more into the game.

Gameplay: 9
Fifa Street is a paced paced arcade soccer game. In the game there are six different game modes, each a little different but they are all real fun. Now later on in the Fifa Street Challenge you most likely will get a little frustrated at the game at times if you want to finish everything. Is that a bad thing? Well that depends on your gaming type, for me, I had to walk away in the later stages at times as it did challenge me. If you do finish the Street Challenge you will have a sense of accomplishment as well as several achievement points which seemed easy to come by in Fifa.

Controls: 9
Fifa Street 3 controls feel just about right for the game. Nothing overly complex, everything seems pretty easy to pick up and play. After about a game or two you should have the controls completely figured out so the learning curve for this is pretty easy and that’s just what an arcade sports game needs; controls that a casual gamer can learn real easily.

Replay: 8
There are six different game modes in Fifa Street 3 as said in the intro. Each one of them, while similar, adds enough of a difference between them to add to the longevity of the game. You can also play against others on Xbox Live so this adds a lot with the multi-player action.

Value: 9
Fifa Street 3 decided to keep the 49.99 price instead of adding that “next-gen” price and I feel that this is awesome for EA to do. The game itself is an excellent game if you’re a sports or Fifa fan, and it is a solid game if you are not, mostly because of the street aspect of it, it gives the game an arcade fun feel to it. If you add the fact that you get online play, 6 game modes, a huge amount of teams, then makes the game well worth the money.

Overall: 8
Now there are a couple of things missing from this game that if they were in I would have easily changed my score. The biggest thing missing for me was the ability to create a player. Now this might not be a big deal to you but it is to me. I feel that definitely ALL sports games must have this option and most other games for that matter. Its just adds more to the game when you get to actually put yourself or your alter ego in. The other thing missing to me was the sense of improvement over the previous Fifa Street. In this sequel we do have online play now and multi-player on the same system but other than that (and the obvious graphics boost) there is not much of a difference. Now with that said, that is not a bad thing. The previous Fifa Street was awesome, definitely one of the best games in the Street series. So to me this game is a must play, not a must buy but a must play. The reason for this is if you’re not a soccer fan or a street fan I really think you should check this game out. You will most likely be surprised by how fun this game really is but there is always that chance that it might not click for you. If you are a fan of the Street series or a soccer fan, you really need to go pick up this game right now, you will have a blast and it’s a great way to kill about 15 minutes and have a blast doing it.

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  • Thrillhouse17

    2nd best video review currently on the site.

  • mik

    Good job Steve. Sounds like a pretty solid game. I’ll definitely check it out (if only for the achievement points). 🙂

  • Yeah, good review. A couple of things from the video that I can tell will drive me crazy if I ever got that game, seriously no create a player mode? This is “next gen” and theres no create a player?

    And why do they have to have a stupid screen pop up every time you score or it “goes out of play”, thats just dumb.

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  • maldini

    I HATED THIS GAME!!! if you were a fan of nba street, this is nothing like it. The fun part of nba street was customizing your own guy and what they wear and everything. This game has none of that. And the online is very bad. This game just blows and has no good career mode at all. Suck it EA.

  • Dan

    Just like Fifa Street 2, but on acid

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