Video Game Jocks Episode 74

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In this episode we talk about Sony Turning a Profit, COD 4 DLC, XBLA Size Limits, GDC Predictions, Super Tuesday, We Answer Your Listener Mail and More!

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  • Wow! I just found my new favorite podcast.

    Glad you guys joined up. I thoroughly enjoyed the show.

    Any podcast that covers UFC, games, and television shows is a show on my must listen list!

  • King of K1ngs

    Thanks man. Glad that you like the podcast. Send us some friend requests on Xbox Live and we can get some games in together.

  • Great show guys. Was that not a great ufc ppv? Brock lesner and silvia were kicking ass on both there fights, just dominating but one mistake on both of there fights caused then to lose.

    Congrats to you giants, I still do not like them as I hate all NY teams but they played that game perfectly.

    Couple wrong things, dmc4 install is ps3 only, not on the 360. And the wii does have usb ports on the back, but anyways it uses the same wireless format as the ps3 so really there is nothing to make extra on the wii.

    I agree with you about not crying with videogames. I don’t cry with movies, I won’t cry in a game, I guess I’m a robot too.

    Paul what was the reason that dumbass denided the cash, what an idiot, take the money and run.

    Escort missions blow giant balls.

    “The facts are right, but the tone is wrong” that was a great story

    Btw, I have an R4, I bought it at

    What’s with the hate on camping? I love backpacking, its awesome to enjoy the great outdoors.

  • Steve, I’m from NYC, we don’t do the outdoors. if I had a backyard I’d pave it.