• Happy birthday K Rock, hope you have a great day! ^ was my post with a lot of help from gui j and thrillhouse

  • Thrillhouse17

    Do those qualify as handheld games?

    Happy Birthday.

  • Happy Birthay!

    Hope it’s a good one!

  • Que tetas! Senior K Rock feliz couplianos!!!!
    Puede el dedo siempre olor de pez.

  • infectedpb503

    Were those one of your gifts to yourself? Good choice! Anyways happy BDay! I expect a great story on next show…

  • Happy B-Day G.

  • Happy Birthday

  • LMAO Nice job with the pic I am digging the eagle wallets thing and the Zune, but WTF is up with the boobs. Ah I’d hit it like a home run in the 9th inning! Happy Birthday Rock! Maybe when you get back I’ll pull the “Ernesto on your Boobs!”

  • dirtystreetz-xp

    Wow! happy birthday k, love the pic man, do you think we can get a topless one for the underground.

  • Happy B-Day. I got dips on grouping sessions that may happen.

  • Happy birthday K Rock! Hope you have a good day!

  • King of K1ngs

    Happy Birthday!!!

  • AmericanP8riot

    K Rock, happy birthday. I will always hate you.

  • Happy Birthday mate, have a good one

  • MrAzzWhipper

    we new you were a little metro but im speechless lol have a good b day