Original Eight Return in Street Fighter IV

Street Fighter IV Roster Features Original Eight

Although it is believed that Capcom is/will be announcing this later this week, Famitsu has scans which show the original eight World Warriors themselves in Street Fighter IV.

I am not a huge fighting game fan by any stretch. I think they have become overly hardcore and niche but it will be hard for me, and I would believe a lot of former fighting fans, to pass this game up when it is released.

Will you be picking this game up when it is released?

  • Not sure if I plan on picking up SF4, the new graphical style doesn’t really sit well with me.

    It’s nice to see they’re bringing in some of the old school characters, theres some more I’d like to see such as Akuma and Vega, then I’d be happy.

  • Not picking up. How many
    SF games we need. I just wait for the 3D version and try it.

  • 3d SF? Yeah they tried it, Street Fighter EX and it was awful.

    SF in its heart is a 2d game, removing it from that and you remove what the series is and how all the moves work.

  • Yeah, I agree with Nasero. I think that some games should be 2D despite how far 3D graphics have come. Fighting games and Sonic games (unless you wanna go the “on rails” route) should be in 2D.

  • Thrillhouse17

    Holy shit, do Paul and I agree on something?

  • Yes! Does that mean hell has frozen over?

  • It just means you both have good taste and agree with me.

  • mik

    I’ll get it. But I’m more excited about HD Remix.

  • I’ll be picking this one up. I was hoping for an SF Alpha 1/2/3 HD remix instead but SF4 will due I guess. Also SF EX was really bad like nasero said. I did like Rival Schools though.