PSHRadio Episode 10: Thrillhouse est très erroné.

How wrong can Thrillhouse be? Very. Chia and Thrill rip Burnout Paradise apart, subjecting it to “The List” (could this become a recurring segment?). Is No More Heroes simply Killer 8? And Untangle kicks off a new PC segment. All this, and more, on the internet’s least reliable podcast.

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  • Good show!! Chia goes off in the first few minutes..he basically says “Fuk da world”

    I like the PC segment.

    Stay Up!

  • Great show guys.

    I have some advice for your burnout woes. Not finding enough friends to play againt on the ps3? Play it on the 360 and that won’t be an issue. Don’t like the game music? Play it on the 360, custom music FTW. That would solve two of the issues you have. But ya I do also feel that crash junctions need to be in the game as well, the replacment for it sucks balls.

  • Im not diggin that showtime thing in brunout either, its kind of pointless.