Twisted Metal Coming to PS3!

Who’s happy? I’m happy.

How excited am I about this? Incredibly. Twisted Metal 1 and 2 consumed hours of my life. Twisted Metal 3 and 4 were…pretty damn bad. Twisted Metal Black was a return to form for the franchise.

While no details were announced about what features this new Twisted Metal will include, or when it will be released, a very important detail was included: David Jaffe will be taking the wheel. So it’ll be great.

My wish list:

  • 16 player (at least) online play.
  • Every character from Twisted Metal 1 and 2 included.
  • 4 player (at least) online co-op, with a satisfying co-op ending (none of this Twisted Metal 2 no co-op ending crap).
  • Dedicated servers (which may be a reality, given Sony’s track record), with extensive stat tracking.
  • Include redone maps from Twisted Metal 2, especially Paris and Rooftops.
  • More civilians to run over, with plenty of blood.

I can’t wait for this. If I’d have to guess it’ll be 2009.

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