XBL Radio 61.0

This week we are joined by a special guest, MrB4.

We discuss what we’ve been playing, why Keman wasn’t here :p,

Burnout Paradise Hard Drive complaints,

Poker Smash,

President of Lucas Arts is leaving,

new boxing game from EA…Facebreaker,

Burnout Paradise Demo extended?,

Rockband DLC for March.

In Game Talk, we talk about Turning Point: Fall of Liberty demo and game releases for this week.

  • Let me start off by saying I mean this in the nicest way.

    This show was actually a little hard for me to listen to, now with that being said, I’m known to be an ass so remember that.

    The reason for this is first dead air, dead air blows. 2nd, don’t bring up news stories if your not to energetic about them, it was like “well next story I guess is hmmm…” “Anyone have news they wanna bring up?”.

    You guys have to keep the show moving have bring energy on the show, you gays have to be (and we have to be able to hear it) pumped up to be on each show, now I’m guilty of this to on occastions, but really try to work on this.

    And fact check your stories btw.

  • tried better on the next show so hope its more energetic..

    and checked my facts on burnout and Criterion did say the HD was required for future DLC and they didn’t want to split the community. which, i agree, is a weak explanation but its what they said

  • Keep in mind, 90 percent of my stories come for, so the facts can either be hit or miss sometimes.

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