• Happy B-day bro…Looken fly but where is Turbo?

  • Happy Birthday old man, next year is the big 3-0. Wow your getting up there.

  • Thrillhouse17

    Damn man, you didn’t tell anyone. Happy Birthday! Have a drink or two on me.

  • Happy birthday man. Don’t get too wasted.

  • Hey man, Happy B-day! Go out and have a nice cold one.

  • ¡El homie del feliz cumpleaños tiene un par del drinkd para mí!

  • Happy birthday man, hope you are enjoying it.

  • Happy birthday man!

  • Happy birthday, enjoy it because like Steve said, next year is the big 3-0

  • Hahahahahahahaha!! At least GUI J didn’t have to photoshop anything. That’s my Myspace default pic. Hahahahahahaha You guys are “Amazingggg”!!! It feels good to know that I’m getting luv from the Nation, and not just any nation, but PLATFORMNATION! A place of future, life, and freedom…. That was my free console contest entry essay.. Anyways, thanks guys!!


    Hahahahaha!! I just noticed the Friday the 13th Mask…hahahahahahahahahaa!!!! You a fool for that one GUI J

    and Chia, I think you wrote “I have a cat in my pants”..

  • Happy Birthday all the way from Colombia. I did you proud last night 😉 have a good one man.

    K Rock

  • aayanna

    Happy 29th! Hope the hangover isn’t too bad! 🙂

  • Kosamus

    Hope you had an awesome birthday!

  • m0-JUiCE

    hahahahahahahaha we had fun shooting te LIMONERO MAN video… hahahaha

    aah man im so drunk right now..

  • Sup Homie. Happy Birthday, thanks for the beers earlier today. Hope you guys keep getting faded.