Satin Silver Dual Shock 3, Hints at USA Release Date?

Looks like Play-Asia is taking pre-orders for a satin silver Dual shock 3 (Japan version).

If interested, it’ll run you 60 bucks (plus shipping). While this isn’t exactly newsworthy, Sony’s released different colors before, the ship date might be: March 6th. Could this be the official US release date? Japan has had the DS3 for some time now, and Sony hasn’t announced when other territories might get rumble, saying simply “spring”.

Well, it’s practically spring. And would be nice to have this piece of “last gen tech” available for purchase.

If you’re thinking of getting a DS3, I highly recommend it. The bit of added weight and vibration make it an incredibly solid controller.

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  • interesting.. any idea why they picked silver, when the console is black or white? is there a white DS3 also, hadn’t seen it yet?

    xbox does it to and i find it odd myself to have controllers that don’t match the console. I can see the limited edition Halo 3 ones, but pink and blue?

  • Wow, that silver controller really looks awesome. They only had the white one for show when I bought mine

    Oh infected, mine and everyones elses ds3 is white, that’s the color they sell right now

  • I have no problems with different colored controllers. As a matter of fact, that Satin Silver controller will fit much better than the white one does with my black and silver entertainment setup.

    Thanks for the update Thrill.

  • A Dark Knight 2

    Man, that looks sweet! I just ordered a white DS3. I’ll probably get one of these when they’re released in the US.

  • Krato Soprano

    how deliciously evil looking.

  • It looks cool but I’ll stick with my black DS3