New Release Snap Judgements 2/11/2008

Lost Odyssey in New Releases

Another week in Q1 and another notable release, maybe the video game industry is getting the message that releasing every huge title on the third Tuesday in November is probably not a good idea.

Lost Odyssey (Xbox 360) – Pick of the Week

As it states right on the front cover, this RPG is from the creator of Final Fantasy. I am not a fan of the FF series but I would bet if you like that kind of game and have been craving something like that on your Xbox 360, this will be the game for you.

Conflict: Denied Ops (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)
Another week, another FPS. I could have sworn the market had been saturated. Guess not. This shooter does nothing special so stick with what you already have.

Jumper (Xbox 360, Wii, PS2)
It’s a movie tie-in game. At best, they can be decent. On average, they are crap that only appeals to those under the age of 10 and those with learning disabilities. Skip it. Please.

Dark Messiah of Might & Magic (Xbox 360)
An action adventure game with zero marketing. Seems like even the developers know this one is probably not that great or at least not for everyone. If you’re a fan of the series, yes. If not, take a big pass on this one.

Professor Layton & the Curious Village (DS)

Adventure, puzzle game that has been huge in Japan and probably will be very big here but not as close as how big it was in Japan. If there was a “pick of the week” 1a this would be it.

  • Not too bad set of releases. I still want to play Lost Odyssey, even though i’m burnt out on the jap rpg. I played the demo of Dark Messiah and I am actually looking forward to playing the full release. Conflict: DO is a waste of production! The demo had a staggering 15fps during my impressions. One word – WEAK.

  • not really looking foward to any of these titles. Oh well, more fifa and cod4 for me

  • mik

    Lost Odyssey is a definite for me.

    I picked up Professor Layton yesterday, and would recommend that anyone interested do likewise quickly. It’s one of those games that becomes increasingly rare the further you move from its initial release. And anything Level 5 (Jeanne D’arc, Dark Cloud, Rogue Galaxy, etc.) does is gold.

  • There was hype for Dark Messiah of Might & Magic back in 2006 when it came out for the PC. It was a failure on many lvls. Now two years later with little to no upgrades it’s an ugly mess.