The Gamers Pub, Episode 19

The Gamers Pub, Episode 19

Topics Include:
Mmm, BeerWhat we are drinking
Mmm, BeerWhat we are playing
Mmm, BeerState of the Nation VOl 3
Mmm, BeerThis weeks Rock Band content
Mmm, BeerStill no Sublime 311
Mmm, BeerRare’s Banjo Kazooie 3 slated for a 2008 release
Mmm, BeerEx-Marine goes missing supposedly after Call of Duty triggered flashbacks
Mmm, BeerTurok devs blame delay on PS3 version
Mmm, BeerNetflix Drops HD-DVD and Bestbuy pushing Blu-Ray only
Mmm, BeerMicrosoft Announcing Something For Japan Next Week?
Mmm, BeerOur favorite community site closing shop, snif, snif, goodbye
Mmm, BeerP*N World Cup
Mmm, BeerListener Mail
Mmm, BeerAll this and more!

Intro song by the band BIG WIG check them out at No new outro song this week, instead we have Blazing lizard interview with Chris Stockmon for XBLA Pirates Vs Ninjas.

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  • Hahahaha. So you schooled me on Madden Steve? umm not the way I remember it, but it’s ok TQcast EP23 will have the real story. I’ll make you have flashbacks.

    Other than that, great show.

    HD-DVD lives!!!

  • Even though you schooled Desz on madden, you could never take me on steve, especially since my online doesnt work, so you will never be able to defeat me haha.

  • Scarfinger

    Well since I got 2 mentions on this week’s episode I decided to leave another comment and at GUI-J’s request I will leave a Haiku about Steve:

    Steve 5-1-9 sucks
    He sucks big ass donkey balls
    I laugh with GUI-J
    (or ‘Fuck the PS3’ as the last line)

    Has anyone seen my pills?