Video Game Jocks Episode 75

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In this episode we talk about Gearbox Possibly Working On The Next Halo Game, The Original 8 Street Fighter Characters Returning, Mario Kart Wii Details, Twisted Metal Coming to PS3, Games Setting Your Pants on Fire, We Answer Your Listener Mail and More!

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What is the name that Nick says we should use for our Platform Nation World Cup team?

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  • hmmm, not on itunes

  • Thrillhouse17

    Yes it is.

  • hmmm, my itunes is broke

  • Thrillhouse17

    On your sports rant, you mentioned “Why don’t other countries play us in football?”

    Well, believe it or not, they do. A friend of mine plays for the Italian National Football team, and as luck would have it, his team went up against a college from my home town. And the Italians got slaughtered. It wasn’t even a game.

    Oddly enough the Italian rugby team is pretty good, and kicked the shit out of the USA team.