TQcast Episode 23


Desz to support HD-DVD till the end, new iPhone, Military flash backs, PS3 slim, Apple possibly working on a Gaming System, 360 HD-DVD add on drops in price, Burnout Paradise (360), Desz gets interviewed after his recent Madden victory, the P*N Call Of Duty 4 Tournament, 2 HD-DVD’s get much much more…..(Read more)

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  • Great show guys, I laughed almost the whole time. Especially at the new sports segment. Desz I don’t think everyone leaving the hd-dvd side is really selling out, I think its really moving on. Don’t forget I still own a hd-dvd player and still more hd-dvd movies then bluray movies.

    BTW I told you that you would enjoy burnout.

    Oh one last thing, IM me or call me today por favor, I want/need to get a hold of you Desz about the COD4 thing just to clairify a couple things.

    And I’m still laughing over that sports segment, damn that was funny and very well put together

  • Hahaha, yeah I’m a bit confused on the COD4 tourney thing..

    HD-DVD lives!!!

  • HD-DVD lives, but i will stick with my 1080i upconverter DVD player for now just to be safe.

    Enjoyed listening in high-def guys, the sports segment was awesome, 45-20 raiders over seahawks, man!, steve got severly schooled.

    Thanks for the support for the myspace page guys, everyone check it out at