Why Platform Nation Rocks

So a couple of weeks ago I decided to have a contest to figure out what Platform Nation rocks. All you had to do is tell me why in your best words in 100 words or more and whoever I felt did it best would win a free Xbox 360. So here you go, the winning answer why Platform Nation Rocks…

Congratulations A Dark Knight 2 you are the winner, contact me in the forums por favor.

Second place went tomarkymark68 for this awesome entry(he wins a signed copy of Halo 2 from the band Incubus):
Why does Platform Nation Rock? Let me count the ways. Platform Nation is the nexus of information, entertainment, personality, and community. Going back to the origins of Platform Nation we must pay tribute to the pioneers that blazed the trail to the heights that Platform Nation has achieved. XBL Radio brought us Mr. Carpal Tunnel with his quick wit, and spot on comedic timing, The Other Guy’s gentle southern humor, and his endless anecdotes about the sport of bicycling. And who can forget the dulcet tones of one Rusty Ranchero who regaled us with tales of Geometry Wars, and Shadow Run, and taught us that you don’t have to actually play games to be the host of a gaming podcast.
As Platform Nation evolved, saying goodbye to some of our old comrades exposed us to new talents, and allowed us to expand our cultural horizons. The Gamer’s Pub brought us the boundless optimism of Gui-J whose enthusiastic verbal ejaculations were regularly extinguished by the soul crushing negativity of Steve519. From the mountain west we met the Fanboys whose send up of ” A Night Before Christmas” not only caused me to laugh until I could barely breathe, but also informed me of new porn sites that I might want to visit….Redtube? Thank you Fanboys. The Latin styling of TQcast with Des and Filty were a welcome addition to the site. I found myself strangely drawn to the echoing sound effects, and I am still trying to find out where I can get one of those jumbo remotes. PSH radio and the Game Jocks taught us the we could be gamers, and still get girls. Can it get any better that? Thrillhouse brought us the perspective of an American gamer in Italy, and also a cool Simpsons reference in his gamertag. Bdazzler dazzled us with his graphical skills, even designing gamer cards for members who tried to write divisive posts in the forums.
Speaking of the forums, Platform Nation has done a great job of providing us with a place to air our opinions, predictions, complaints, and rumors. Another great feature of the site has been the video updates. Where else could meet Steve519’s two dogs, and MrB4’s new haircut while learning about the latest news in the world of gaming. The videos and pictures from PAX were fantastic, Rusty rapping, and vomiting in Steve519’s sink, Steve519 schmoozing with Microsoft celebrities, and Mr. Carpal Tunnel in the great Northwest.
Platform Nation, like the great nation of America is a melting pot, bringing together many divergent elements of the gaming community in one common cause. Mixing and combining the talents of the many hosts and podcasts, the members of the forums, and the gaming world at large to create something better than the sum of its parts. United as The Platform Nation, the hosts and members of the site have created something truly unique in the gaming community. A site that truly encompasses all of gaming, where all are free to express their opinions, fanboy tendencies, biases, and passions. Thank you Platform Nation for providing us with an online home, a place where we always feel welcome, a safe harbor even when our wives are angry at us for spending too much money on video games. I pledge my everlasting allegiance to the Platform Nation.

  • Congrats

  • ezporter

    congrats to the winners. rock on.

  • Krato Soprano

    Congrats A Dark Knight 2!

    this guy is a genius!
    thats was freaking awesome who would thought of doing that, i want to party with that guy.

    I hope this gets a lot of views on youtube so platformnation becomes even more popular.

  • Krato Soprano

    Rock on Platformnation!!!

  • Kosamus

    Whoah, that was great! For a second, I thought it was message from Anonymous wanting a 360, but alas no Mac Congrats Dark Knight

  • tjones

    are can i get that music from

  • very nice pick, would have been my choice also. Congrats Dark Knight!

  • Congrat Dark Knight! That was an awesome video!

  • That video sent chills down my spine, congrats Dark Knight.

  • A Dark Knight 2

    Thanks for all the positive feedback guys! You guys are awesome! That’s a big part of why PN Rocks..! I meant every part of that video.

    Inspiration for the video came from a recommendation by SquadXP’s KRock on a recent episode and another video called “Pay Attention” by Darrin Draper.
    Music used in the video is from Clint Mansell’s “Lux Aterna” (can download at iTunes) and The Gamer’s Pub theme/intro song.

  • Very cool video. Check out At 2:23.. Great work Dark Knight 2.