HDMI cables are HDMI cables


Why pay a ridiculous amount for HDMI cables when you can get them for
under a buck. Don’t get fooled to buy expensive Monster branded cables
or cables that make you think twice on the price. HDMI cables all work
the same, why?? Because it’s digital, if the cables were analog
like(component, RCA, composite, S-video), then you might want to buy
some named brand cables, but digital signal, is "digital signal" there
is no room for interference or compression or analog to digital
conversions. If you were to run 10meters or more of cable, then I would
recommend an HDMI repeater, but come on most of our displays are not that far from our devices. This is by far the $mO DeAl$ of the week

Get these HDMI cables right here
from Amazon for under a buck, only
$0.95 cents while supplies last. Yes indeed the cheapest 6ft cables around and work just like
the monster cables. Slap your self now if you were suckered!

If you really can’t afford a buck, then check these out

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Posted by: Desz