Top Picture Pack

Our good friends at just release a picture pack on the Xbox live Marketplace for a ultra low price of 60, thats right I said 60, Microsoft Points. So show them and the rest of the indie community some love and pick these awesome pics up.

  • I freaking hate microsoft points, they should just say the price. What the hell is 60 microsoft points?

    Nice pics though, Avid X gets down with graphics.

  • Its like $0.80

  • Thanks for the support PN.

    Unlike soo many other Xbox sites out there, you guys at least have the balls to give a shoutout to a community member doing something big.

    I can count how many sites posted this on my one hand. Not even MajorNelson had this in his marketplace update.

  • Agreed.
    I was actually looking forward to the MP Update video to. Then he says nothing about it.
    Suppose that just shows how importaint it is for us little guys to get on Marketplace.

    Desz, You are right, the points system is difficult to learn.
    80 points = $1
    So 60 points is more along the lines of 75cents. Steve was close.

    BTW, Thanks Tons, Steven. Means a lot man.