AI Podcast Episode 24 – 7 Red Lights

Just because I love to share it with you guys when Gui J or I guest host another show.  This week I was a guest on the AI Podcast, here is all the info.

Special Guest – Steve519 of the The Gamers Pub and Platform Nation

  • HD DVD deathwatch: were making it official
  • Fallout 3 world 50 to 80 percent as large as Oblivion
  • Rumor: Netflix set to bring rental service to the 360
  • Future Rock Band DLC Found in Game File?
  • Red Alert 3
  • New “Opus” and “Valhalla” Xbox 360 Chipsets Coming Next?
  • 360 failure rate 16.4% according to report
  • Alien FPS and Red Faction 3 Named
  • Overlord 360/PC DLC out today