State of the Nation, Vol 3

State of the Nation, Vol 3

Welcome everyone to the third edition of official podcast, State of the Nation.

This week we have Gui J from, InfectedPB503 from, Thrillhouse17 from, Desz from, Paul from and yet again, no one from,

Topics on this weeks show include:
HD-DVD Talks
P*N Pax 2008
Games that need to be remade or remixed for XBL or PS3 arcade
It goes downhill from there with community ramblings
So sit back and enjoy the show!

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  • Krato Soprano

    hell yeah, platformnation is screwed and chopped!

  • screwed and chopped?

  • hahaha, I think he means intoxicated, and more…

  • Wow let me start off by saying how disapointed I am with the ps3 bashing, really no games? Really no one playing it?

    No this is not the case, I have seen more people playing there ps3 over the past couple months then I ever had. And at this point in the ps3’s life cycle there are many more great games on it in its first year then the 360 had in its easly in its first year and a half.

    And I would take a netflix thing anyday over trying to buy everything, and I would take blueray over drm’d movies anyday as well

  • Ps3 marketing fucked up? Do we need to get into the redlights?

    And your guys argument is that the ps3 is to expensive? You telling me for 150 dollars more isn’t not worth the free online, added blu-ray, and knowing that 3 months down the road you know you won’t red light? Its not worth that? You guys are luckly on that show because thrillhouse, while very smart, is way to nice, I would have called you guys f#cking retarded. (gui j, if you add the the sh!ty games (turok, k&l, ect.) you have bought, the total price comes out to more then the ps3 easily)

    And backwards compatibity is f*cking retarded, as a hard core gamer you all should HATE F*CKING BC, it dummies down the console. If MS skipped it we would had had so much more, ie bigger friends list.

  • Is it just me or did everyone on this show sound like they were talking in SLOWWWWWWWWWWW-MOTTTTTTTTTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNN!!!!!!!.

    Sounds like you wanted to be there steve, cuz you have alot to say, especially about the PS3.

    Just to let you know, i had my 360 for a little over a year before it screwed up on me, so its not always three months before you get the red lights.

    I have a question steve, why are you saying that Turok is a shitty game now but said it was an ok game on one of the last episodes of TGP you did, i believe it was ep.18? That just kind of threw me off for a second.

    The PS3, in my opinion, is a little pricey, even though you are getting what you are getting with the console. I will just wait until the 120 GB or 160 GB model comes out, and pick that one up, so that way i get the most bang for my buck.

    There will never be a bigger friends list because instead of BC we now have xbox originals, and thats not making your gaming experience any better than it is right now.

    Keep in mind though, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and just because they are not interested in the PS3, doesnt mean that they should be bashed for making the choice that is best suitable for them as the type of gamers that they are. In a way, there is as much bashing going on for the xbox right now as there is for the PS3, and it will never end.

    Thats all i have to say, see you guys later.

  • Most of the bashing I think were segways for Thrillhouse, but he was.. too nice. I like Thrill.
    Anyways to be truly honest, I have never been that intoxicated during a podcast…..well except for TQcast episode 2..

    I got to say that it was the best from all three shows, due to the random topics, it really felt like we were all chillin in the same room and just shooting the shit..

    I just listened to it last night, and I couldn’t stop laughing at some of the shit…I truly do not remember anything during the actual recording.

    And I almost feel like GUI J and I were not agreeing with anything Paul was saying…Sorry Paul is was the alcohol. Maybe I was still upset over the whole West Coast Vs East Coast Rap you brought up early in the cast… lol.

    (GUI J): “Paul can I ask you a question?”
    (Paul): “Yeah go ahead”
    (GUI J): “What the fuck are we talking about?”


    Anyways like I said on the show, I’m saving for a PS3, and I have nothing against it. And if I didn’t have a next gen console, I would probably hit up the PS3, just because of the Blue-Ray extra..

    Steve, take a chill pill, save it for the next show.

    HD-DVD lIves!!!!!!


  • LoL. HD DVD is dead. Thank goodness.

    According to Wikipedia, there should be 443 titles for the Xbox 360 by the end of 2008 and 116 Arcade games.

    There should be 332 NON-REGIONAL titles for the PS3 by the end of 2008 and around 52 downloadable games on PSN.

    Like I said before, if you can’t find something to play on the PS3, you’re not a gamer. Either way, for a console that’s only been out 1 year, it’s not that far behind considering the Xbox 360’s earlier launch.

    As for digital distribution…I still say NO.
    Until I can own it and move it anywhere I want, I’m not buying anything through digital distribution.

    BTW…FACT. A Super-bit DVD has better picture quality than a “High Definition” download. As a matter of fact, a standard DVD has about the same resolution as a “high definition” download.

    I’ll keep renting and buying Blu Rays so I can use the new free portable versions on my Zen and PSP.

  • Kosamus

    Worst State of the Nation ever…I am so sick of hearing about HDDVD-Blueray-Streaming off Netflix. Capital W for Weak – NO MORE FORMAT TALK PLEASE – I hear about that enough on other podcasts.