GDC 08: Day One

I wanted to drop you all a quick bit about GDC day one.

The first day at GDC is pretty much like the first day of Burning Man. Most of the cool stuff is half built (the booths aren’t even up and equipment to show demos aren’t even plugged in yet), everyone’s not quite in the swing of things. There’s a few events going on, but the major stuff is due later in the week.

And, most importantly, nobody really gets in the mood until the first night of heavy-duty partying.

Yesterday, until about 4 p.m., things were pretty useless. Then the first official GDC free-booze-and-food-a-thon began, courtesy of Zeemote.

Now I make it sound like all we did (and by “we” I mean me and my trusty sidekick, Joe from SPOnG) was get hammered, puke in someone’s lap and wander off.

In truth, we were some of the few journos who actually hunted down the Zeemote girl to ask her about the product.

While you’d think Zeemote would make sure the actual star of the Zeemote party would be, well… the Zeemote. But, in true GDC fashion, in fact the party’s grande dame was a 3-foot-tall ice sculpture with the word “Zeemote” frozen inside and a tube down the center through which one could pour drinks. The drink of the night was Zeemotinis — a wicked concoction of rum, cranberry juice and fairy dust.

Or so I was told.

Conveniently enough, once we had a good heater on, we wandered right next door to the Microsoft Casual Games party, which had almost exactly the same hors d’oeuvres and…

… a big ice sculpture with a big “Microsoft Casual Games” frozen in the center with a tube down the center, etc., etc., etc.

THIS frozen ice sculpture, however, dispensed vodka, Red Bull, and cranberry juice.

How trendsetting!!

The night finally ended with Joe dragging me probably 75 or 80 blocks (or at least that’s what it felt like after six or eight drinks) to The Cellar, a classic, shabby-chic underground dive bar, for the Telltale Games party. Of course, it was by far the coolest. Zombie themed. Disco balls. And guess what? No ice sculpture! Score one to Telltale for breaking refusing to follow the pack!

Joystiq was at the Telltale thing as well, and took a bunch of pictures for your enjoyment. None of me getting sloppy with Joe, Chad from Destructoid, and a few others of the DToid team over at the Cool Kidz Bar, as we liked to call it.

Yes, I have photos, and I’ll upload them later for your amusement.

Okay, back off to the Moscone Center. More later.

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